Local4Action Hub worldwide

Venice Ciy Solutions 2030 is the Italian Local4Action Hub of UCLG and is the Hub of the Local4Action Hubs because it was born focused on SDG 17, the partnership for objectives, which in a sense encompasses all the SDGs or rather defines their community system, that is the ecosystem of the HUBs.

The ecosystem is a community of organisms, of subjects in association with their physical environment that interact with each other: already from this definition we understand how the ecosystem of Local4Action Hubs is the opposite of the so-called “silos” approach, it is not a Leibnizian monad, but an osmotic system between local governments and all the actors of the SDGs.

But what does this ecosystem of hubs of ours look like?

First of all, it is formed by many Hubs that each express an excellence related to 1 or more SDGs at the local policy level.

What is it for?

To not disperse the knowledge, the important experiences that work at the local level

How does it work?

Help local and regional governments to:

share, learn from each other;

synchronize actions that arise from exchange and study among local authorities;

replicate the effect of actions on a larger scale, from the local to the global level;

accelerate the goal of creating a sustainable environment (the world, the planet).