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The best practices of the world’s cities: Venice City Solutions 2030 becomes the platform for exchange.

A certainly strategic role, which has fielded in Venice a “world laboratory”, concretizing concepts expressed several times by the UN as active partnership, integrated approach, multilateral and multilevel solutions.

“Only from the exchange of experiences and knowledge we can create common and concrete actions to achieve a sustainable, inclusive and solidarity-based world that guarantees a future for the new generations.”

With this in mind, more and more participants are gathering in Venice: UN agencies, National Governments, Local and Regional Governments and their Associations, ASVIS, OECD, companies, Universities, NGOs, Fair Trade stores and workshops, organizations dealing with urban agenda and sustainable development.

Venice City Solutions teaches that the comparison between different worlds creates innovative synergies. And that the best experiences always become examples to be repeated. That’s why the Venice platform becomes a collector of initiatives coming from cities, regions, companies, universities and NGOs from all over the world.

These are case histories that become a source of inspiration for many others, so that through the “good deeds” of all we can all write together a story that embraces the whole world.

If you are a city, a private company, a cooperative working on the SDGs, you will find contacts and information to build synergies and partnerships.

From Venice to the High Level Political Forum of the United Nations in New York

As every year, the recommendations drawn from the work of Venice City Solutions 2030 will be presented at the High-Level Political Forum of the United Nations, a formal moment of discussion on the SDGs that is organized in July in New York, giving the opportunity to transfer to Member States and Governments the innovative ideas and solutions identified by the Venetian laboratory.








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