An innovative training course to prepare public administrations for the use of NRP funds

responding to the widespread demand for information that the debate on the Next Generation EU plan has aroused, and which has had the merit of drawing the attention of many to the range of European support measures.

The School proposes a specialised planning course aimed at the presentation of projects for the extraordinary intervention funds that will be allocated following the approval of the NRP.

A part, the shortest part, of the lessons are held face-to-face, while the ‘bottom-up’ construction of a project for practice purposes is planned at a distance, which is useful to make the students understand how these projects work and how they are constructed, so that they will then be able to deal with calls for tenders and the management of project ideas on their own.

The usefulness of all this will, moreover, extend beyond the specific instrument of PNRR calls, but will concern the generality of national funding instruments.