2020 – EVENT ONE

Venice City Solutions


Venice City Solutions 2030 3rd edition

Venice City Solutions 2030 is a yearly event to advance in the local implementation of the SDGs by identifying and sharing exisiting tools available to local, regional governments and its partners. Each year, Venice focuses in one specific theme. This time around we are advancing on how Agenda 2030 can be a long-term planning instrument for the city and how the SDGs play a role to assess, analyze and create a future vision for territories.
The event is co-organized by United Cities and Local Government together with its Italian section AICCRE, UNDP, UN-Habitat and the UN SDG Action Campaign

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2020 – EVENT TWO

UN High Level Political Forum in New York

VCS 2019 edition at UN HLPF

Venice City Solutions in New York for the second year

The pandemic has had enormous consequences for civil societies around the world. Despite this, this year’s United Nations HLPF took place, albeit in virtual form. The active participation of civil society in UN fora is key to ensuring that UN efforts respond to the people needs that it oversees.

For the second consecutive year, AICCRE co-organized (with UNDP, UN-Habitat, Action Campaign and UCLG) a side event at the High Level Political Forum in New York, on July 15 on the theme “Cities as bridges between SDGs and citizens in a post-Covid-19 world “. Very important, like last year, was the presence of the Italian government at the event, which sanctioned the collaboration between the central state and local governments in an international context, precisely in the logic hoped for by multilevel dialogue.


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